CGI программирование, Perl+JavaScript+Flash Ation+Java Applet, Ajax и высоконагруженные проекты

CGI программирование, Perl+JavaScript+Flash Ation+Java Applet В настоящем разделе сайта рассматриваются вопросы интеграции серверных web-приложений Perl/PHP и скриптов JavaScript, JavaApplet, Flash Ation, Ajax.
The elements of the probabilistic analysis of the Forex market
Currency Prediction Software of market FOREX
Technology of a GUARD of text files from unauthorized copying
Software for evaluating of ground resolution of remote sensing optical-system
Objective estimation of digital scanners quality
Watermarking photos
Restoration of images
Visual Gallery Manager 2.0
Physical simulation of optical-electronic system of high-resolution
Technology of counteraction to falsification of credit cards
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The latent transfer and storage of the confidential information on the Internet and cellular communication
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