Watermarking for paper photos and watermark detecting

Application Domain:
  • Protection of photographic documents, ID cards, trade marks, excise marks.
  • Protection of digital images.
Technology:       The technology is oriented for counteraction to fakes and falsification of photos which are used in documents (the passport, the driver's license, the medical policy, ID card, etc.). The carrier of a photo is either photographic paper or plastic. The technology also can be used for protection of copyrights in polygraphy and publishing. The technology allows to apply cryptography. Enciphering provides protection against breaking even in case of the technical superiority of the hacker.
In a basis of technology the principle of Fourier digital holography is used. During restoration of a watermark, it is possible to observe both restored object, and its holographic image. From the examples given below, it will be visible, what even on a piece of the image it is possible to restore the latent graphic image (watermark). For restoration of a watermark, it is enough to execute two-dimentional Fourier transform. Digital signal processors (DSP) of Texas Instruments corporation fulfil this procedure in a fraction of a second. Detailes ...
1. Algorithm of embedding and detecting of a binary watermark at protection of the photographic document.
2. Algorithm of embedding and detecting of a grayscale watermark at protection of the photographic document.
3. Algorithm of embedding and detecting of a watermark with use of cryptography.
4. Result of detecting of a grayscale watermark in case of a degraded image.
5. Result of detecting of a grayscale watermark in case of a degraded image.
6. Result of detecting of a binary watermark in case of a color image.
7. Result of detecting of a alphameric data.
8. Result of detecting of a alphameric graphic.
9. Restoration of a watermark as the signature.
10. Embedding and restoration of watermarks on denominations of bank notes.
11. Hidden Stamp.
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